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Our Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a meticulous application where one or more synthetic lash(es) are applied to the natural lash. Designs can be adjusted in length, thickness and fullness to get the preferred look.

Full sets

2D - Classic plus full set

Wanting a soft natural look, this 2d set is just right for you with two thin extensions to one natural lash

 ***1.5 hour appointment - application of full set 2d/ classic plus extensions includes aftercare kit 


Hybrid full set 

Looking for a little more fluff this beauty is a mix of 2 to 5 extensions per one natural lash

***1.75 hour appointment - application of full set hybrid extensions, includes aftercare kit


***New clients must book a Full set appointment: as we cannot guarantee that a fill can be applied to another lash artist's work. Client will be charge according to the time it takes to complete the appointment with a maximum full set fee/ time.

Refills (existing clients only)

Mini lash refill

*30 minute lashing appointment 

recommended for;  2 weeks fill on 2d - Classic plus set or 1 week fill on Hybrid set


Regular lash refill

*45 minute lashing  

recommended for 3 weeks fill on 2d - Classic plus set or 2 week fill on Hybrid set


Plus lash refill

*1 hour lashing

recommended for 4 weeks fill on 2d - Classic plus set or 3 weeks on Hybrid set


Mega lash refill

*1.25 hour refill recommended for 4 weeks on Hybrid set 


Eyelash extension removal

1 hour hand removal or eyelash extensions


*Refill policies; pricing is based on time, as every client's fill needs, retention and natural fullness are different, prices are based on fill times. An extra 20-30mins is allotted to each appointment (lashing times mentioned above) to allow for cleaning and prep before and after lash application. Time limits and maximum weeks between appointments must be respected for pricing to be valid, or up charge will be applied.

** $10 discount off full set price within 5 weeks of last appointment.

Preparing for your Lash extensions appointment

1. Remove a​ll makeup and clean your eyelashes thoroughly (paying particular attention to the lash line) with a mild, oil free cleanser, and arrive with no mascara. A $10 fee will be applied if unclean.

2. Do not curl your eyelashes.

3. If you are a contact lens wearer, please wear glasses to the appointment.

4. Depending on the lash service, plan to set aside 1.5 to 2.5 hours for your initial appointment. This is a very relaxing process where most clients fall asleep during the procedure.

Eyelash extension aftercare

1. Do not wet your lashes (no shower, swimming, hot tubs, steam rooms, or saunas) for the first 12 hours

2. When washing your face, please avoid splashing water on eyes/ lashes for 12 hours.

3. Keep the area around your eyes/ lashes free of oil based products. Products containing oils, propylene glycol and carbonates will break down the glue's bond resulting poor retention.

4. Be careful to not sleep with your lashes pushed into your pillow. Tip: Using a silk pillow case will help with hair and lashes as they are less invasive.

5. Clean your lashes! (After 24 hours) you must start using a mild cleanser that does not contain any of the products mentioned in # 3. You can use this cleanser in the shower with a new soft make up brush to gently clean at your lash line, rinse well, let lashes dry and comb out with your spoolie brush to detangle. Cleanser is available for purchased at Sleeping Beauty Lash Lounge.

6. Contact me within 72 hours of your appointment, if you have any retention issues. It'll be my pleasure to offer you a 30 mins complementary fill within 5 days. Note: NO REFUNDS will be given.

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